A Note from the Author


As a retired female Drill Sergeant, turned officer, turned politician, I’ve often thought a fictional character with just such a background would be a fascinating one to read about.  I give you Grace.

Although I lean heavily on my own lived experience to create Grace’s history, this is not an autobiographical work.  I love Grace unconditionally, like a sister, a battle buddy, or a best friend.  I have invested her with my id (instinctual traits), my super-ego (critical/moralizing traits), the physical prowess I might have had at her age, and a completely hypothetical set of circumstances in the real present day world as a venue to explore spiritual questions.

Nothing is ever as simple as when we were children, including our relationship with God.  Grace feels that God has failed to protect her, first from physical harm and fear, then from temptation and sin.  As she physically forges through the Catskills, the Shawangunk mountains, and the Hudson Palisades, she is also on a journey of spiritual forging and tempering that leads her to a degree of mysticism that even she could not have imagined.

This is a story about the extra-ordinary.  Extraordinary circumstances lead Grace to reconnect with her childhood spirituality and to consider what is truly important to her as a mature woman.  So don’t be fooled by the crime drama opening, tricked into thinking this is a crunchy-granola nature story or lulled into thinking this is an ordinary romance.

Take this journey with Grace, but don’t rely on Grace (or me) for your answers.  Her task is to pose the questions.  Yours is to wrestle with them!