We’re Launched!

cropped-image.jpegFinally! Not only is the website launched, but so are the opening chapters of the book! Go to the Sample Chapters option on the above menu or Click Here.

But before you go, tell me what do you think of the proposed cover art for the book.

Write a one-word comment below!

(Cover art prototype was supplied by professional photographer Tim Fuss, www.pixel-wave.com)

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5 Responses to We’re Launched!

  1. Terry Lehr says:

    Just when you think it’s just a mystery story, one with an unusual plot, engaging characters, and cutting-edge technical sleuthing, but nevertheless with a predictable ending, Grace in the Wild, surprises you. In the opening chapters it’s not officials’ prompts, generated by minute observation and careful profiling, that begin to break through the heroine’s amnesia; it’s the sweet remembered tune and the comforting lyrics of a hymn. Every time you turn a page, there’s another clue, and sometimes more than one. Willa Powell’s first novel is certainly a “page turner”!

  2. Russ Parnell says:

    Thank you for blogging about this. I’m feeling enlightened!

  3. Kind of you to share.

    Mind if I hinted (in a good way) at this post in my Dutch blog? I would definitely give you all due credit for your work of course.

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